Jam Session (2014)

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Young studs at their best. The 2 threesome scenes will blow your mind away as they shoot their massive loads all over each other. Pleasure guaranteed....

20 February 2018 

Blue Collar Balls (2015)

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Have you ever wished you could find out what your local mechanic’s got going on under the hood? Then get ready for Blue Collar Balls, an exploration of the sexier side of handymen and the men they...

6 June 2017 

Step-bros Before Hoes 2 (2017)

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As Tom Faulk vacuums in his parents room, he finds a strange box full of sex toys. Calling out to his step-brother, Alex Greene. Alex reveals that he's definitely played with his ass before, prodding...

9 March 2017 

Dare To Go Bare (2016)

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River Elliott thought he and Tom Faulk had a deal, but things aren't quite working out. Here to collect his money, Tom tells River to go fuck himself. River laughs. "Funny you would put it like...

22 February 2017 

Blue Collar Bareback Breeders (2016)

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After getting caught jerking off while on the job, Mark Long needs to make it up to the property owner Markie More. Markie takes this naughty virgin’s asshole on a sexy voyage of discovery. Johnny...

19 January 2017 

Straight Dudes' 1st Bareback Breeding (2016)

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Straight Dude’s 1st Bareback Breeding, an extravaganza of first time hunks getting ass blasted by experienced breeders. Not only does Johnny Torque bottom for the first time, he rides Markie More...

7 January 2017 

Army Grunts (2016)

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When soldier Darin Silvers leaves to attend some business, little does he know that Brendan Phillips has been casing the joint for a little B&E. Darin returns before Brandon finishes the job, and...

5 December 2016 

Virgin Twink Holes (2016)

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The right hole is a tight hole, and there’s nothing tighter than a virgin twink’s smooth behind taking a huge, throbbing cock for the first time....

11 September 2016 

My Buddy Did Gay Porn?! (2016)

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Everyone has that straight buddy that they’d kill to see naked....

26 August 2016 

Cheating Faith (2016)

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Two scheming friends develop a plan: to seduce straight, married men who struggle with thoughts of infidelity...

15 August 2016 

Public Serviced (2016)

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Hit the streets with Next Door's finest, a motley crew of badge-bearing beefcakes who have taken a pledge to protect and service their fellow men....

11 August 2016