Overcoming Big-Cock Phobia (2016)

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Overcoming Big-Cock Phobia. Osiris Blade decides to take a shower in his gym’s locker room. He lathers himself up in soap and slowly plays with his long, thick dick. Zeke Weidman the janitor shows up...

8 December 2017 

Intimate Seductions 9 (2017)

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5 enticing scenes featuring handsome, thick dicked studs succumbing to their desires and fulfilling their most intimate fantasies!...

12 March 2017 

Vanilla Nuts (2017)

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Alexander Gustavo thanks his man Rod Peterson, and tells him to join him in the bedroom in about 5 minutes for a surprise. When Rod comes to him, Alexander is laying nude on their bed, stroking his...

7 March 2017 

Hung Hunk Spunk (2016)

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Poor Mark Long! He's experiencing first hand the curse of having a gigantic cock, as his new girlfriend is too afraid of his giant rod. Good friend Lucas Knight can understand, since he's also got a...

5 February 2017 

Presidential Erections (2016)

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Presidential Erections – In the campaign office, interns Alex and Brett take some time out of their hectic day for a hot session of cock-in-ass stress relief. Sexy intern Luca helps the Senator work...

23 January 2017 

The Club (2014)

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These boys are working up a sweat and working it out in the sexiest way possible. This is a health club I want to belong to!...

6 October 2016 

My Buddy Did Gay Porn?! (2016)

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Everyone has that straight buddy that they’d kill to see naked....

26 August 2016 

Cheating Faith (2016)

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Two scheming friends develop a plan: to seduce straight, married men who struggle with thoughts of infidelity...

15 August 2016 

My Doctor Rocks (2014) - Gay Movies

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Dr. Angel Rock, the new Chief of Staff at HH General, is making some unorthodox changes....

9 June 2015