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Bareback My Black Adonis (2021)
Driven by their hunger for sexual gratification. Dominant black men take charge and deliver intense pleasure to their submissive, yet eager partners!
Cast: Markis Morningstar , Eric Ford , Devin Trez, Derek Cline, Max Konnor
01-01-2022

ArmyBoy (2015) Download

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ArmyBoy (2015)
Shipped off to training camp, 7 fresh faced recruits are put through their paces by the tough but handsome Sergeant Moore, who won’t take anything less than 100% from his boys. Endless marching, exercises and boot polishing keeps these handsome young fuckers busy, but they all find a way to get busy with each other; what else are all these testosterone fuelled guys going to do in their down time?
Cast: Jack Green James Lewis Lyle Boyce Logan Moore Nathan Hope Cris Anders Cameron Taylor Johnny Cruz
28-12-2021

Bi-Bi Brazil 4 (2006) Download

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Bi-Bi Brazil 4 (2006)
Hot Golden boys love to have their asses filled by dildos or throbbing cocks while they bury their dicks balls deep in sweet pussy! It's a no-holes-barred menage a troix free for all. Get a load of these Latin horny couples coming to you straight from Brazil. These hunks will fuck male and females!
Cast: Dany Hess, Sara Lemos, Sharon Fresan, Alexandre Pernambuco, James Matarazo, Robinson Romanelli, Fabiano Mendes, Allan Marcello, Henrique Radvan
28-12-2021
Bullied Bi Cuckolds 32 (2015)
It's not gay if your wife makes you suck another man's cock. Right? Because it's for her pleasure. She gets a perverse thrill from watching you demean yourself. You're supposed to make your wife happy, right? You're a broke mope so you can't keep her happy with your money. So start sucking that big cock, it's the only thing you can do that she will enjoy.
Cast: Sheena Shaw, Slut Bottom Chris, Wolf Hudson, Angelina Chung, Kurt Lockwood, Marcelo, Carmen Callaway, Jimmy Broadway, Melody Jordan
28-12-2021

Creampie Cuckolds 3 (2020) Download

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Creampie Cuckolds 3 (2020)
Husbands cheated on and made to eat black cum! Leah Winters: Now that Leah is married she really needs a bigger dick more. She knows he loves her and would do anything for her. So now it's his turn to wear her dress and be the bride. She even got him a big black dildo of his own as a wedding present. Viva Athena: Viva can't believer her husband would cheat on her! To punish him she decides he needs a hard spanking with her hair brush. She's not going to hold back. To apologize and make it up to her, he's going to watch her get
Cast: Viva Athena, Marcelo, Leah Winters, Chris Cock, Nova Cane
28-12-2021
Cum Eating Cuckolds 18 (2012)
Whether you're lapping up a black guy's cum from your wife's tits or drinking it straight from the freshly fucked hole between her legs, you're acutely aware of one thing: there's no going back to the way things used to be! You always assumed that she'd be able to get that itch for black dick out of her system once and for all after she got a taste of it, but you couldn't have been more mistaken. Now that your loving wife has tasted the power of the black serpent it's going to be up to you to suck that salty venom up whenever and wherever the
Cast: Yuki Mori, Nicki Blue, Adrianna Luna
28-12-2021
Cum Eating Cuckolds 49 - Cucks Love Cock (2021)
Sally Sun and Stacia Si are both married to men who leave them aching with need. They're tired of masturbating because his little pecker just doesn't get the job done. Since he's so eager to please these kinky babes have thought of something else that would please them: for these cucks to suck their lover's cocks after it's been deep in those tight, pink pussies.
Cast: Sally Storm (Sally Sun) (Kerry Levine), Stasia Si (Stasia Sai)
22-12-2021
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