Fuck Feast 38 (2019)


Fuck Feast 38 (2019)

Fuck Feast 38 (2019)

Starring: Shane Hirch Mirek Madl Tomas Fuk Milan Silver Petr Plonder Rosta Benecky
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2019

Sexy str8 guy Honza Onus is enjoying a cigarette when he is joined by his buddy str8 guy Mirek Madl. Honza discards his cigarette as Mirek starts to kiss and caress him. Mirek opens Honza's shorts, releasing a rock hard cock. He quickly grabs that cock and starts to suck on it. His head bobs on the cock before Mirek kneels and licks the balls too. He licks up and shaft and sucks on Honza's cock some more. Then his sucks the balls into his mouth as well. Hot str8 guys Tomas Fuk and Rosta Benecky are enjoying themselves on the bed as they kiss. Rosta rubs Tomas' chest and kisses it as he slowly works his way down that hot body. He rubs and wanks Tomas' cock thru the blanket and then exposes the dick to begin sucking.



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