Muscled Up (2019)


Muscled Up (2019)

Muscled Up (2019)

Starring: Ricky Larkin, Dax Carter, Mars Rousseau, Cesar Rossi, Scott DeMarco, Osiris Blade, Jorden Michaels
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2019

Mars Rousseau is currently putting the weights back. He's tired rather than needing to work out. Sending this, catch him motivated by massaging on his shoulders and Mars attempts to loosen him up just a while. They are kissing and groping one another. 1 st is hard cocked by cesar sucks on Mars until Mars stinks Cesar for a little while. Dax Carter and also ricky Larkin come {} . They truly have been {} . This contributes to your one fondling and both are currently now still kissing. Scott DeMarco along with cesar Rossi haven't tricked out in a room play area that was back earlier, to allow him to utilize his play room, however, Scott's friend Jack offered. After just a bit of awkwardness, they begin using eachother and slip in the natural surroundings.



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