Feeling Caged (2018)


Feeling Caged (2018)

Feeling Caged (2018)

Starring: Sean Storm Landon Kovac
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2018

When Landon Kovak finds Sean Storm nude in a cage he does not have any doubts that which he could be there for. Landon sets his prick into the cage and then teases the captive withit. The intruder turns his ass hole into the pubs and teases Landon that opens his doorway so that they could eat Sean's buttocks. He catches Sean by the collar and pushes his mouth back on the penis he teased. Sean is excited to lick and taste Landon's balls and cock but much more excited to receive it in his bum. He turns over doggystyle and buries Landon's enormous prick up inside his pit. Landon thrusts it deep and hard. Landon tosses him and spreads his thighs as he proceeds to push him massive penis in and out from Sean. It appears as though Sean's bum will divide in 2 however Landon keeps pumping it until finally he starts with a large spew of cum until completing off it from his captives belly. Sean's hole is gaping upward with cum hanging out if Landon walks off leaving Sean to come back to his Cage hoping he can likely be rediscovered but never published.


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