Sexual Overdose (2017)


Sexual Overdose (2017)

Sexual Overdose (2017)

Starring: Karl Rossi, Erik Franke, Jaro Stone, Florian Mraz, Benjamin Dunn, Jace Reed, Johny Cruz, Joshua Levy, Sam Williams
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2017

Can you overdose on sex? Of course you can! Sex is like a drug and, like any drug, have too much and you're facing an overdose of epic proportions, but that doesn't seem to faze these horny guys. In fact, it seems to push them into wanting more cock and more cum than the usual one-on-one sexual pairings! Three boys means three hungry mouths, three hard dicks and of course, three tight asses that will need plugging! This is more than just tag teaming and manwiches, these boys have an addiction that needs feeding so if they can double the pleasure, it's a given that they will. One guy even squeezes two fat cocks up his ass in a superb double dicking that leaves him experiencing the fine line between pleasure and pain! Over two hours of bare action that sees ten horny guys on the verge of a Sexual Overdose as they take more cock and cum than ever before!

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