Blow Bi Blow 4 (2009)


Blow Bi Blow 4 (2009)

Blow Bi Blow 4 (2009)

Starring: Angelina, Biggz, Jim, Ally, Wolf, Kevin, Angela, Luke, Lux, Kade, Mark, Cece, Johnny, Paul
Categories: Bisexual
Date Added: 2009
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Girls will be girls and guys will be guys, but occasionally things get a little naughty and some guys prefer to DO guys! When that old curiosity gets the better of those guys and they begin to wonder what it's like to fondle and stroke a throbbing hard cock and then slide that stiff man meat into their waiting mouths... that's when the fun starts! Does that make them gay? Does it make them Bi? Does it matter? They're having fun, the girls are having fun, so who cares? Ain't sex great?!

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