Double Fucked Next To The Road (2021)


Double Fucked Next To The Road (2021)

Double Fucked Next To The Road (2021)

Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2021

A cute guy was driving, he passed by 2 thugs who were going home. He parked the car in a small dirt road and went to meet the thugs in a field behind. Matt got plowed and loaded by the 2 horny thugs, then have abandoned him there.


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Best Buds (2021)
Dakota Payne and Johnny Hill keep it colorful in this fun and flirty scene. As if painting wasn't messy enough, they get down and dirty with some smoking hot sex. Brandon Anderson and David Skylar are fooling around in the garage… literally! The hot mechanics slob each other's knobs before David gives Brandon a good dicking under the hood. After a hot pump session in the sun, Roman Todd and Aspen take their pumping to the bedroom where Roman fucks Aspen like only a best bud can. After tossing around a ball on the beach, Justin Matthews brings Jake Waters back to the house for some post-sun fun. Justin fucks Jake's ass in plenty of positions before emptying his balls all over Jake's beautiful body.
Czech Hunter 14 (2021)
Prague is a city that welcomes foreigners. Some come here for fun, some seek a well-paid job. The boy I met today was from Eastern Europe and he was here to work at construction sites. He looked pretty young and cute, which definitely piqued my interest. I could barely hold a straight face when he told me about getting fired recently. The boy was in trouble and my money would certainly help him. It was too cold outside for anything serious so I just undressed him a little and then took him to a place I rented nearby. This cutie was shy a little but definitely had some hidden gay talent. This afternoon wasn't exactly cheap in the end but I had so much fun with the boy! It was almost as if he could read my mind, that's how good his moves and techniques were. And he looked so innocent at first... I met Honza while he was waiting for a bus. He was nice enough to show me the way but didn't want to talk. Well, 2000 Crowns made him very talkative. He was on the way home from the gym. That sounded very interesting. He was also sort of a businessperson, which worried me a little. He definitely knew how to negotiate. I had to pay hard for everything he did. Honza was shy and freezing so I barely managed to undress him. We had to find a discreet place inside. I didn't expect much to happen but the guy surprised me. He wasn't even undressed yet when his huge boner slipped out of his undies! He was incredible and started to enjoy being my little sex toy. He earned every single Crown I paid him ten folds. I am definitely keeping this dude's number for later use.
Young Offenders 7 (2021)
Robin Tesarek is in charge and he has Radek Cerveny in his cubby hole. Robin pulls his stiff cock out of his pants and has Radek wank it. Then he threatens him with jail if he doesn't suck that big cock. Radek complies and takes the rock-hard cock into his mouth as his head is pulled onto it. He licks the shaft too and then sucks that big cock. Robin pulls the head onto his dick as his hips thrust it into Radek's mouth. Then Radek is made to get naked and kneel on the chair to present his ass. Robin's dick is pushed into that ass, going deep inside, and starts to fuck. The rock-hard cock stretches Radek's tight hole as Robin fucks him. Robin holds on to Radek as he thrusts the dick deep into the ass and fucks hard. He pounds Radek's tight hole Radek is turned over to lay on his back, legs up, to be fucked more as he wanks himself too. He takes that stiff cock in his hole and keeps wanking until his cock releases some juice. Then Robin pulls out of the hot ass and wanks his cock to unload his cum onto Radek's cock and balls. Istvan admits to stealing and to avoid police involvement he agrees to do things. The first is to suck on Max's cock. That cock is pulled out of Max's pants and soon Istvan's mouth is being fucked by it. Max pulls the head onto his throbbing cock, then he stands Istvan and bends him over. The hard cock slides deep into Istvan's ass and starts to fuck hard and fast. Max slaps the ass too as he pounds Istvan's tight hole. The big cock fucks him so well. Then Max sits on the chair and Istvan climbs up to ride on that rock-hard cock. His hot asshole slides up and down on the cock taking it deep inside. Moving again Istvan lays on his back, with his legs up, to get that dick in his hole as he wanks himself. Max pounds the hot hole as Istvan wanks hard. He keeps wanking until his cock releases the hot cum while he is being fucked. Then Max pulls out and dumps a huge load all over Istvan's hot body too.
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Princeton Prince questions Ryan Jordan’s loyalty when he sees him using a Flashjack. His roommate lets him give him a hand, but Princeton wants more. He falls to his knees for a little oral pleasure. Zay Hardy ordered Chinese, but he quickly realizes he’s gotten more. Elye Black wastes no time seducing Zay with his bubble butt. Zay’s appetite shifts from food to sex. When he comes home, Charlie Pattinson finds Alex Tanner nose deep in his underwear. He proceeds to take care of Charlie’s needs by drowning his cock in his mouth. Internet hookups are a regular thing for Elye Black, but for Gunner, is it the only way he feels comfortable. Today is Elye’s lucky day, he can’t wait to get inside Gunner’s perfect ass.
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