Bad Boyz Begging For Sex (2021)


Bad Boyz Begging For Sex (2021)

Bad Boyz Begging For Sex (2021)

Starring: Lee Rider, Fabian Baptiste, Torre , Robbie Kasi, Brad Fitt, Kamyk Walker, Kaique , Junior Colaco, Rafael , Mike James
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2021

Let’s be honest now, everyone secretly loves a bad boy – especially one who can’t ever seem to get enough sex to satisfy them. Which in this particular case, with the likes of Mike James, Brad Fitt and Kamyk Walker, means cock! And boy do these lads have an appetite when it comes to thick, meaty shafts! Believe us, they’re quite literally like bitches on heat; as they beg for the only kind of satisfaction that they know is ever going to satisfy them. The result is this near-desperate frenzy of boy-on-boy action; with one horned-up ass after the next getting the kind of stretching that dreams are made of. And with the added bonus of seeing a glorious BBC-stuffing for one lucky twink, this is a sure-fire spunk-fest for everyone concerned!


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