Hitting Jackpot (2021)


Hitting Jackpot (2021)

Hitting Jackpot (2021)

Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2021

These boys sure know how to hit jackpot by ferociously riding and oozing jizz! John is for sure enjoying his stuffing by Bren, who barely takes any breaks from pounding him hard! Soon Joel too is getting plowed by Karney, in various positions, till ultimately giving cute Joel a facial! But if you thought Patrick was a top, you're wrong! Timmy is soon giving him what he so desperately needed, and moments later so is Josh! Needless to say, these boys found their climax!


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We’ve all heard of the story that’s so scandalous that it’s never been told. Well here’s your chance to savour just one of those wonderfully sordid tales, company of a band of horned-up brutes who really can’t wait to prove their credentials by stripping out of their suits so that can enjoy every hard, throbbing inch of man-meat that’s headed their way. Guys like Max Duran, Dillon Buck and Braxton Bond, who are hung like the proverbial, and who are all more than happy to strut their stuff for all the world to see. The result is the kind of throat-stretching, arse-splitting escapade that filthy fuckers like you love to see; resulting in the kind of cum-drenching finale that wet dreams are made of and will you won’t get enough of!
Family Dick 24 (2021)
If you're like me, you love jerking off to stories or videos of dads having sex with their stepsons. In high school, I fantasized about getting fucked by my stepdad or sucking off my stepbrother. Now I get older men to send me videos with their stepsons and I figured I'd share them with you. So grab your dick and enjoy! Harlen learns of a secret family tradition where the groom goes to bed with his stepfather before sleeping with his wife. Harlen is depressed about his wife getting cold feet before consummating their marriage, but his stepdad tells him it's not too late to have sex on his wedding night. A trip down memory lane for stepdad Matthew and Julian leads to a trip up Julian's ass. Anderson has questions about his changing body so he turns to his stepdad for answers.
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Czech Hunter 12 (2021)
Patrik liked sports and to my surprise, he was quite successful at betting. He bet on a football match and won 200 000 Crowns! Pretty impressive, unfortunately, he spent all that money and now was broke again. He needed cash so it didn't take long and I had him naked in my apartment. It would be a shame to pass an opportunity to fuck such a cute and athletic guy. I let him suck my cock first and then I rammed his ass. He took it quite well. I was just standing in the street, thinking about what to do, when this cute boy showed up. We talked a little and when he loosened up a bit, I offered him money.
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