I'm Your Toy Boy (2021)


I'm Your Toy Boy (2021)

I'm Your Toy Boy (2021)

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Date Added: 2021

Some boys just want to be little more than a pleasure object to the guys they meet – though believe us when we tell you when you watch the lads in this fucked-up twink bonanza you’ll soon begin to wonder whether it’s the studs who are getting the most pleasure, or the fresh-faced guys whose appetite for hard cock is quite simply insatiable. Lads like Kai Alexander and Xander Hollis, who literally can’t wait to wrap their mouths around every thick, meaty inch of man-meat that comes their way; before riding it with their arses with the kind of gusto that you rarely see, even from pups their age. The result is a top-notch fest of bareback gay fornication that will have you tugging on your own throbbing member time after time!


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