Jocks Away (2020)


Jocks Away (2020)

Jocks Away (2020)

Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2020

Who would have known that Nick is one to sniff underwear, used or not, it sure puts him into the mood, and Shovi is sure going to help! With both boys kissing, it's not long for Shovi to get hard, and it doesn't go unnoticed by Nick, who is eager to try just what he has to offer, and soon after Shovi gets a good taste for himself. Nick, however, has an alternate plan, which soon after he puts in place by turning around in front of Shovi for him to lick his hole, for what he wants to happen next, which undoubtedly shouldn't be missed! After a night out, Nick and Casper are back home, in their glittery underwear, which leaves barely anything to one's imagination, having said that Nick is on top of Casper kissing him and rubbing their bulges, till Nick pulls out Casper's cock to start sucking on it. But who wouldn't in that situation? Casper is just laying back and enjoying what Nick is doing, but Nick knows he wants to be sucked also, so he moves and guides Casper to his cock, which he too sucks making Nick moan in pleasure with every stroke. This is until he has Nick lay down with his legs spread to get a better taste of his hole, which he rims, and enjoys so much he can barely contain himself from fucking him right away! Andrus just loves laying on underwear thinking of all the cocks that have rubbed against them leaving a manly odor, it comes as no surprise that the majority of them belong to Joel, who is fond of the bulge enhancing ones to give him the XXL underwear look! Moments into the scene, Andrus is down sucking on Joel, whilst he in return is rubbing his bulge, giving pleasure to both boys. Andrus is eager to try Joel's hole, and so, he rims it making Joel moan in pleasure and makes him want to be fucked even more!


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