Late Night Raw (2020)


Late Night Raw (2020)

Late Night Raw (2020)

Starring: Riley Mitchel, Vinny Blackwood, Julian Knowles, Darin Silvers, Shawn Reeve, Paul Canon, Zane Anders, Lex Sabre
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2020

The night’s not over until Zane Anders fills Vinny Blackwood’s tight asshole with his hard raw cock. Zane pounds Vinny, burning off all his excess energy so he can finally get some rest. Brawny beau Darin Silvers is a certified jock sniffer, and he certainly didn’t hold back in the gym locker room! However, Darin’s timing was off as athletic cutie Paul Canon came out the shower, and caught him mid sniff! Brown-haired Paul grabbed the underwear and smothered it in Darin’s guilty face before demanding he sucks him off. Ripped stud Riley Mitchel is as horny as ever and jerking himself off while he waits for his glory hole to fill up. He can see blond-haired beefcake Shawn Reeve stroking his juicy cock, which makes his rod even harder, and his mouth water. Julian Knowles and Lex Sabre are two hot and ready sluts who are going to wind and grind until they get what they want. After a sexy go-go tease, Julian drops to his knees and services Lex's monster cock, slowly taking it down his throat while the mustached hunk moans.


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