Swinging Bi-Style 2 (2020)


Swinging Bi-Style 2 (2020)

Swinging Bi-Style 2 (2020)

Starring: Linda Sweet, Paulos, PJ, Tina Kay, Katy Rose, Leanne Lace, Andy West, Nick Ross, Don Diego, Alessandro Katz, David, Thomas Friedl
Categories: Bisexual
Date Added: 2020
(1796.9 Mb)

Bi Empire is back with their second installment of "Swinging Bi-Style." These naughty couples let go of all their inhibitions and give in to their bisexual fantasies! Enjoy bisexual porn at it's best with Bi Empire release!


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BiSexual Roomates (2020)
My Roommate's a Perv: Curly-haired hunk Luke Roman loves to sneak into Jasmine Jai's room to sniff her panties without her knowing. This time he's almost caught, barely managing to hide in her closet as she comes home with her boyfriend Skylar Dee. Luke spies on his roommate and her tall, long-haired boyfriend as they kiss on the bed and soon he's too tempted to resist. Luke slides his dick through a hole in the door, convincing Jasmin that it's Skylar's! Jasmin licks and sucks Luke's hard cock through the door and when Skylar comes back she tells him to join her. The couple takes turns sucking and riding the sneaky roommate's thick dick before bringing him to the bed for a hot and heavy bisexual fuck fest.Dirty Pictures: In today's world of first impressions and hypersexual online living, having a hot and nasty profile picture can mean the difference between finding the love of your life and getting kicked to the curb like human garbage! The sexy and single Sylvia Sage is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that her new dating profile picture screams out to the world that she's ready for love, and her hunky blonde roommate Sherman Maus wants to support her however he can! Sherman's boyfriend, the athletic muscle daddy Ricky Larkin steps in to help drive up Sylvia's stock, posing with her in a series of hot and heavy pictures to drive the single studs online wild. Soon, naturally, the photoshoot gets even spicier as all three hotties get in on the action in a boundary-busting and deeply erotic bisexual three-way full of big cocks, tight pussy, foot worship, and irresistibly enthusiastic sexual abandon!
Best Bi (2020)
Bisexual fantasies become reality in this over 2 hour threesome heaven where all leave sexually satisfied and fulfilled. These trios believe in equal opportunity fucking. Get ready for some truly hot bisexual threeways! This is the type of threesome you don't pass up on!
My Wife Found Out I'm Bi (2020)
For three pleasantly surprised women, the discovery of their husband's desire for hard cock leads to new adventures in the bedroom. These gorgeous women find that the sight of their hubby's sucking dick and fucking another man brings them to a level of sexual excitement they never dreamed was possible.
Bi-Power Gemischtes Doppel (1990)
Verso il 1989 la Magma giro' "BI POWER" (BI POWER-GEMISCHTES DOPPEL) (1989,Germania) (regia: Moli) che al quel tempo (nella versione francese) veniva cartellato "le premier film bi-sexuel en version francaise" (Il primo film bi-sex in versione francese). Secondo la pubblicita e locandina:"Le beau Stan vient a peine de sodomiser Muriel, qu'il passe dans la piece a cote pour s'envoyer un brun mal rase. Pour ne pas etre en reste, Muriel invite une copine, et les deux belles font etalage de leur talents (buccal, anal et le reste)....". Nel film c'e anche Jean-Pierre Armand (che qui non fa atti gai o bi-sex).
Daddy Can Fucking Cook (2011)
The heat in this kitchen is sizzling hot - and these men know just what to do about it! They are stuffing their rump roasts with injections of beef and marinating them in a special cream sauce! Cooking can be hard work, especially when daddies want to dump their loads! The kitchen's hot and the sight of sweating cooks bending over the stove is too much to deal with. Hot butts, sweaty men, stirring loins, manly desires boiling what if dinner's late? It's time to eat and Daddy is cooking!
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