We're Just Dirty (2020)


We're Just Dirty (2020)

We're Just Dirty (2020)

Starring: Calvin Banks, Ian Samson, Reed, Zac Todd, Will Sims, Brad Fitt, Johny Cruz, Dick Casey, Andy Roos, Ruben Litzky, Mike Gate, Owen, Zak Hood
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2020

Who wants a clean boy when they can enjoy a dirty one? A really filthy one, in fact! The kind that will think nothing of enjoying as much cock as he can get hold of, and who loves nothing more than taking it up the ass as often as they can. If that sounds like you’re kind of cum-draining hero then rest assured you’re in for a treat here; as Brad Fitt, Johny Cruz and Will Sims lead a totally horned-up bunch of dick-hungry reprobates in search of one filthy, ball-busting adventure after the next. No doubt about it, these lads don’t believe in moderation when it comes to cock fun; and neither will you, as they suck and fuck like animals, before spraying copious quantities of jizz in all directions. A total, five-star winner!


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