Dirty Buddies (2020)


Dirty Buddies (2020)

Dirty Buddies (2020)

Starring: Bastian May, Collin Duarte, Jayden Harwey, Tyler Esterbrook, Shane Colby, Jamie Owens, Rick Palmer
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2020

Cum and meet the "Dirty Buddies"; a gang of handsome, young, and perhaps most importantly, horny boys, who love to share their aching boners and creamy seed with each other! They recruit new members and make them a part of their Dirty Buddies gang by fucking each other bareback in the outskirts of a Czech city. And so it comes that they not only enjoy mutual blowjobs wherever they feel unwatched, they also get all their tight, but greedy boy holes stuffed by big, bare boners in abandoned places and attics, on their comfortable couches or in the great outdoors!


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Dalton Riley gives Johnny's ass the workout it needs. Kyle Connors with Jax Thirio and Parker Hayes let me fuck your ass and I'll let you fuck mine. Parker Hayes offers up his ass to Johnny in almost every position. Xavier Cox these two studs fuck each other bare.
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What’s more thrilling than fucking a boy? Fucking a boy in secret, from your own family, while everyone else in the house is asleep, or doing it behind their backs, when no one is around. And it doesn’t get any nastier than Daddy fucking his stepson, or Uncle fucking his step-nephew. Men like Dave London, David Lee, Eric Lenn, and Marc Born, entrusted with one thing and one thing only. Watching over an innocent. Instead, they corrupt for their own personal pleasure. These are the dirty, filthy perverts bareback fucking boys like Gregor Gilead, Nick Danner, Roman Capellini, and Stanley Falls. Oh, if their parents only knew about their sons! If they only knew they are… Daddy's Boy Whore 3!
Daddy's Boy Whore 2 (2020)
Marriage is sacred. Lusting after your stepson? Profane. And yet, like a moth to a flame, you don’t just walk towards the fire. You run towards it. It doesn’t matter that you’ve never thought about fucking another man before, let alone a boy. What matters is the thrill of your fantasy, and how hard you cum when you jerk off thinking of all the dirty nasty things you want to do to your boy. It’s wrong, and you know it. Except it’s so wrong, it feels right. You try to resist, but fate intervenes. You suddenly find yourself alone with your son. He looks at you. Touches you. You swallow back your fear and take the plunge. Next thing you know, he wraps his sweet red lips around your cock, and then you’re balls deep inside him. Welcome to the club. Dave London, Marco Napoli, Martin Dajnar, and Zack Hood are in the same boat. These dads have also crossed the line with their stepsons, Blair, Taylor, Carlos, and Yuri. Now they can’t wait for the next time to be with Daddy’s Boy Whore 2.
Daddy's Boy Whore (2020)
The most thrilling and exhilarating sex some men can ever have—men like Marco Napoli, Dave London, Eric Lenn, and Danny Chris—is the one they hide, the one they keep secret. Maybe it’s a boy whore, like Daniel Hausser. Maybe the guy is barely legal, like Matthew Summer, Or maybe he’s the stepson, Joe Star, and forbidden by marriage. How can anyone possibly lust after their own? And yet, they do. And when these men finally satisfy their deep, dark shame, once they realize nothing has ever made them cum so hard as fucking forbidden flesh, there’s only one thing they can do. They must wait until the next opportunity, or plan a clandestine rendezvous. Until then, they must hide their dirty little secrets.
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