Battle Of The Bottoms 9 (2020)


Battle Of The Bottoms 9 (2020)

Battle Of The Bottoms 9 (2020)

Starring: Mark McKenzie, Elijah Canon, Jesse Nice, Scott Finn, Princeton Price, Mike O’Brian, Alex James, Mike Johnson
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2020

Mike Johnson doesn't waste any time once he sees Princeton Price's hard cock. He engulfs every inch of it gagging and enjoying it. When Princeton has had enough cock in his mouth, he flips him over onto his stomach revealing his sweet sexy ass. Jesse Nice can’t wait to suck Alex James' huge thick cock. He takes the meaty cock down his throat. Alex wants a taste too, so he returns the favor. Elijah Canon and Mark McKenzie are stuck in their barracks with nothing to do except for one idea which is to begin stroking their cocks. They both are in their separate beds as they look over at each other playing with their dicks. Scott Finn loves to top but he also loves to bottom. Mike O’Brian takes full advantage of this as Scott slides up and down his rock hard shaft. He bangs him long and hard until he fucks the cum right out of him.


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