Fuck It Up (2020)


Fuck It Up (2020)

Fuck It Up (2020)

Starring: Alejo, Cesar, Dave, Italo, Ivan, Jean Pierre, Will
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2020

There's something about silky smooth Latin boys that just can't be matched. Young, hung, and in their sexual prime, these young men are about as captivating as it gets. These action packed scenes include some off the charts bareback fucking, complemented by all the cock sucking and cum pumping appetizers one expects. Make this scorch-ing hot DVD the latest addition to your library and enjoy all the eye candy it has to offer


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My Husband's Huge Cock (2020)
Jett Reed waits for his husband, Riley Mitchel, to come home and bareback his slut hole while Luke Harrington opens up his husband, Tyler Griz's, hole then lets his friend, Riley Mitchel, get sloppy seconds. Alex Hawk waits in his g-string for his husband, Aiden Ward, to come home from work and destroy his jock pussy. Bonus Couple: Mason Lear gets barebacked and used by his husband, Bishop Angus!
Dive Deep (2020)
Whether they're going for a drive into the country, playing tennis on-court or just frolicking away in the pool, these young twinks have two things in common: they're all utterly gorgeous, and they're all as horny as fuck! Which probably explains why they're always out of their pants and acting like animals at the first opportunity. Sam Williams, Aaron Aurora and Jack Cameron are just three of the hyped-up cock-whores cumming your way here; as all sense of common decency is quickly abandoned, in favor of a seemingly-endless barrage of arse-stretching, spunk-unloading copulation!
Dirty Boys Ready To Fuck (2020)
When the title declares it's a bunch of dirty boys ready to fuck, it's easy to assume a sense of hyperbole - but rest assured you're not gonna be disappointed for a moment with this gang of cock-orientated beauts, whose only reason for existence it seems is to feast on hard dick time and time again. Then again, when you've got the likes of Kamyk Walker and Drake Law on the cast list, you're pretty much guaranteed a five-star performance throughout. Lean, smooth - and with the kind of equipment that would send eunuchs into sex-crazed rapture! - these horned-up devils will have you in rewind-frenzy, as hungry ass meets hard cock for a whitewashed bonanza!
Threesome - Awesome (2020)
When you're horny and thinking of hard cock on a near-constant basis, it's not surprising that you grab any opportunity to indulge in the pleasures of hot twink-sex whenever it arises. These horned-up felons, however, aren't just content with one dick to satisfy their cravings. No, they're not happy unless they've got at least two other throbbing shafts servicing their needs; resulting in a spit-roasting, circle-jerking frenzy that'll literally blow your mind. Dick Casey, Luke Desmond and Skylar Blu are just three of the sluts who will turn their menage-a-trois fantasy into your wank-busting reality!
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