Dirty Boys Ready To Fuck (2020)


Dirty Boys Ready To Fuck (2020)

Dirty Boys Ready To Fuck (2020)

Starring: James Daniels, Skye Romeo, Lex Blonde, Dylan Dexter, Cody Reed, Drake Law, Kamyk Walker
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2020

When the title declares it's a bunch of dirty boys ready to fuck, it's easy to assume a sense of hyperbole - but rest assured you're not gonna be disappointed for a moment with this gang of cock-orientated beauts, whose only reason for existence it seems is to feast on hard dick time and time again. Then again, when you've got the likes of Kamyk Walker and Drake Law on the cast list, you're pretty much guaranteed a five-star performance throughout. Lean, smooth - and with the kind of equipment that would send eunuchs into sex-crazed rapture! - these horned-up devils will have you in rewind-frenzy, as hungry ass meets hard cock for a whitewashed bonanza!


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As much as we'd like to think we are helping these guys to get back on their feet, the fact is that – in reality – there isn't much that can be done for them. Redemption is a gift that is given only to a few, and none of these rotten scoundrels deserve it, anyway. So, we go through the motions: strict discipline, en*****d cleanliness, focus on meaningful work and a paycheck, and of course, all those steps they have in their meetings. At the end of the day, however, and especially after having dealt with similar fuckwads for years and years, it has become obvious that most of them will just end up going back to their same bad habits, and then paying for those habits by giving themselves up to the nearest dude with some cash in his pocket. As sad as that it, I figure we are helping them in one important way: since they are going to wind up being whores anyway, we're getting them off to a good start. After all, there's nothing worse than spending hard earned money on a young slut who gives a bad blowjob and whose ass is too tight to fuck properly, right?
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