Bi Bi American Pie (2004)


Bi Bi American Pie (2004)

Bi Bi American Pie (2004)

Starring: Derek Parker, Liza Harper, Gabrielle, Nikki Darlin, Jay Huntington, Tom More, Chris Dano, Damian Ford, Casper Sloan
Categories: Bisexual
Date Added: 2004
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Everybody's singing Bi Bi American Pie. We took our buddies to some pussy and we fucked our balls dry. Check out these slightly-more-than-curious bi fuckers as they get busy on hungry mouths, raging cocks, slippery pussies and every fucking ass in the room!


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Bi Bi American Pie 2 (2005)
These guys really take pleasures to another level. It doesn`t matter if it`s cock, snatch or ass, they are taking no prisoners in this fuck all fuckfest. A hole is a hole and a mouth is a mouth.
Bi Bi American Pie 4 (2005)
Trouble satisfying your lady in bed? Getting tired of the same old boring positions night after night? Well, sounds like what you need is double the cock and double the fun! Your girl will break into a sweat when she sees two hard rods for her to suck and fuck, and you'll be shooting the load of your life once you feel two hot mouths on your pulsating cock.
Bi Bi American Pie 5 (2005)
It doesn't matter if it's cock, snatch or ass; these guys really take pleasures to another level! Have your hot dick sucked by a slutty chick while having your ass rammed by a hung black stud! Or if you'd prefer to suck on a big hard cock while a big black strap on attacks your asshole you can have that too. There are plenty of possibilities in bi America!
Bi Bi American Pie 7 (2005)
Pop quiz, hotshot. You're a depraved, cum-drinking, salad-tossing bisexual degenerate fuck pig. What do you do? You take home Bi Bi American Pie #7 and rub out till your privates catch fire. You salivate as you watch young, insatiable bisexuals degrade themselves for your viewing pleasure. You laugh as mouths, pussies, and assholes are stretched beyond all recognition.
Bi Bi American Pie 9 (2005)
A mouth, an asshole, a vagina, any hole will do! Any fucked hole will provide satisfaction for these lusty fuckers. Boys can have their cake and eat it too, because in this movie they`re getting the best of both worlds: a soft, warm pussy to pummel and a long, hard dick to devour. Bi bi? More like hello in Volume 9.
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