Black On Black 3 (2020)


Black On Black 3 (2020)

Black On Black 3 (2020)

Starring: Marquee D'Angelo, Julian Grey, Jaxx Maxim, Adrian Hart, Aaron Reese, Dillon Diaz, Aaron Trainer, Koji Xander
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2020

When Adrien Hart and Jaxx Maxim are accidentally been booked to housesit for the same client, they both try to stay and keep the job, only to end up giving in to their mutual sexual tension. Aaron Reece is Dillon Diaz’s private chef and fuck buddy, offering up some sloppy sweet blowjobs, tender juicy ass eating, and hot fucking on the side. Julian Grey and his brother-in-law to be, Marquee D’Angelo, decide to get their mutual attraction out of their system just hours before wedding vows are exchanged. Basketball coach Aaron Trainer meets his new player, Koji Alexander, and the two of them can’t resist each other.

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