Team Bisexual 2 (2008)


Team Bisexual 2 (2008)

Team Bisexual is back and ready to prove that the best of all worlds can have fun together! Join an all new all-star cast of the hottest babes and studs as they push the boundaries of sexuality with the hottest bi-sex hardcore action!

Team Bisexual 2 (2008)

Starring: Andre Dumont, Arcanjo Amaro, Kelly Amaral, Alexander Felix, Erick Leony, Bianca Lopes, Herus Max, Tony Lee, Amy Midori, Reny Castro, Ricardo Degam, Marieli
Categories: Bisexual
Date Added: 2008
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Team Bisexual 3 (2008)
Some people like pussy... some people like cock... but if you're one of the enlightened souls who like both then Magnus Muscle has got the medicine for you! Join us as an all new set of hot threesomes featuring 2 dicks and a pussy give you the bisexual ride of your life!
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