Party Fucker (2019)


Party Fucker (2019)

It's always party time where these good looking guys are concerned and they love to party hard! Watch as a saucy schoolboy takes on a little more than he expected to as he is roasted, double penetrated and filled to the brim with cock and cum. Three pals know exactly how to turn each other on with soft kisses, gentle caresses and bareback fucking and five boytoys love the feel of leather and latex as they indulge their gangbang fantasies. Each and every Party Fucker here just wants cock and cum in abundance – and of course, it has to be bare!

Party Fucker (2019)

Starring: Martin Love, David Brukman, Zack Hood, Maksim Kolev, Ilya Dushko, Felix Webster, Tim Law, Rudy Valentino, Benjamin Dunn, Robin Few
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2019



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