When Guys Play Asses Will Burn (2019)


When Guys Play Asses Will Burn (2019)

When Guys Play Asses Will Burn – ain't that the truth, and these playful toy boys are at it morning, noon and night, French kissing with a burning passion, imbibing cock and getting their fill of hot man-cream. Delightful duets sees young lovers taking their time to tease each other whilst a torrid threesome has these lads taking it in turns to shove their cocks down a different throat and up a hot and willing ass and indulge in an all-way pleasing chain fuck. Even a gangbanging fiveway has these boys begging to be cock-choked and plugged raw and totally bare. Two hours of non-stop action.

When Guys Play Asses Will Burn (2019)

Starring: Jace Reed, Ryan Olsen, Sam Williams, Kevin Ateah, Brad Fitt, Tim Law, Sven Laarson, Oscar Hart, Few, John Parker, Mike James, Deon Fox, Drew Paskin, John Core, Love
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2019



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