Psycho Joe (2019)


Psycho Joe (2019)

Watch your back on the streets of Manchester as "Psycho Joe," a stalker and killer played by Mickey Taylor, is on the prowl. This nut job is always lurking and looking for his next victim, but you just can’t help but fall in love with him. Join award-winning NakedSword Originals director Mr. Pam and her cast of European studs in this edgy tale of infatuation, sex and murder written by and starring, Mickey Taylor! After Joe sets his sights on innocent and artsy Leo Rex, nothing will stop him from having a taste of his latest obsession. “Psycho Joe” grabs Leo’s name from a debit card transaction in a Canal Street bar, and Leo’s entire world opens up to Joe…let the stalking begin.

Psycho Joe (2019)

Starring: Drew Dixon, Gabriel Phoenix, Igor Bellucci, Jake Daniels, Leo Rex, Mickey Taylor, Wade Mathews
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2019



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