Ambushed 10 (2019)


Ambushed 10 (2019)

Once Princeton Price walks into the room, he begins rubbing Alexander Maximus' smooth body making him feel comfortable. Soon he has his mouth wrapped around that uncut cock taking every inch down his wet throat. Jesse Kovac lets Blake Effortley’s hands wander all over his body while his mouth finds his big hard dick. He’s loving it so much that he kicks back and watches Jesse sucking his thick cock. Tanner Reed pulls his big thick dick out and starts stroking it fast while his legs are spread. He loves the feel of lube as he pours more and more on. Danny D makes himself more comfortable once he lies down on the bed and spreads his thick muscular legs. The intensity on Danny's face tells you he is committed to releasing his balls and giving us a great show.

Ambushed 10 (2019)

Starring: Alexander Maximus, Blake Effortly, Danny, Jesse Kovac, Princeton Price, Tanner Reed
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2019



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