Let Me Fuck You (2019)


Let Me Fuck You (2019)

Let Me Fuck You (2019)

Starring: Jackson Reed, Mark Long, Markie More, Michael Del Ray, Quentin Gainz, Rickey Ridges, Spencer Laval, Tom Bentley
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2019

Markie More’s boyfriend has given him the ok if ever he wants to mess around. He can't believe it until he hears it himself. Suddenly, Markie does as he's told and downs Michael Del Ray's mammoth sized cock. Feeling Ricky Ridges’ morning wood brushing up against him is much more of the kind of wake up call Jackson Reed was hoping for. When he begins to kiss down his body, Jackson springs alive, throwing Ricky onto his back and working his way down. Tom Bentley feels someone staring at him, but Mark Long tries to scuffle away. Seeing that this peeping handyman is packing the right tool for the job, Tom falls to his knees and gets a better look at Mark's qualifications. After Spencer Laval’s revelation, Quentin Gainz doesn't flinch as he makes his move. They make contact, kissing on the lips as Quentin slips him some tongue.



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