Versatility Is The Key (2019)


Versatility Is The Key (2019)

Lying in bed, Jon Galt and Sean Harding are sharing how much they enjoy being together. After Jon tells Sean that he’s happy that they are both versatile, they start making out and get naked fast. Dustin Steele begins sucking Jace Chambers' cock and tickling his balls with his beard. They fuck in a few positions until Dustin cannot hold back. Chad Stone and Jay Donahue decide to hire an escort after seeing a naked picture of him. Bryce Evans starts making out with Jay as Chad watches and strokes himself through his shorts. Jay admires Bryce's physique and then Chad wants to watch him suck Bryce's cock. Cesar Rossi has a huge surprise for Scott Riley and they both can't wait. He brings Atlas Grant and soon enough they are kissing rubbing and letting their hands explore their body.

Versatility Is The Key (2019)

Starring: Scott Riley Cesar Rossi Atlas Grant Chad Stone Jay Donahue Sean Harding Jon Galt Bryce Evans Dustin Steele Jace Chambers
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2019



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