Public Gay Spots 3 (2018)


Public Gay Spots 3 (2018)

100% amateur bareback sex in public places.

Public Gay Spots 3 (2018)

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Date Added: 2018



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Bareback Amateur Boys (2018)
100% raw and uncut amateurs! These boys love to fuck!
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Primetime (2019)
Tall hunk JJ Knight is the host of Primetime, and his ratings have been dropping. He isn’t happy that they moved his show to a later time slot, but he is determined to climb the charts again! His first guest of the night is athletic, cute Shane Jackson, and the only question he wants answered is about the size of the biggest dick he’s ever taken. Brown-haired Shane is a little shy to answer, but horny JJ whips out his massive cock so he can compare, and soon the two are fucking on live T.V! Will the ratings rise as quickly as their hung dicks?
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There are lovers who are just in love and relish the stability, then there's the unique clique who take it to the next level – and those guys are the ultimate Backdoor Lovers. For these men, anything goes. From passionate kissing and tender lovemaking to kidnapping role play in the great outdoors where one lover relishes the thought of being tied up, having his trousers ripped down and with his ass laid bare, being taken. Even the skater dudes hang up their boards for some bare threeway fun that sees them sharing the love around before taking it in turns to ram a willing ass hard and raw
Watch And Learn (2019)
These twinks are keen students who are ready and willing to not only Watch & Learn but they want to participate with some hands-on practical teaching. Being teacher’s pet has its advantages and in return for an apple, one pet gets some serious one-on-one time which his hung and handsome professor. Whilst buddy-revision is a good idea in theory, once these horny boys get together, all thought of hitting the books goes out of the window as they concentrate with hitting on each other with delicate kisses, sensual sucking and getting rather dirty with some hot ass-play. School days have never been so much fun!
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