Dolf Dietrich The Best Of (2019)


Dolf Dietrich The Best Of (2019)

Dolf Dietrich The Best Of (2019)

Starring: Dolf Dietrich Mickey Carpathio Saul Leinad Nate Stetson Rogue Status Brian Bonds
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2019

Brian Bonds and Dolf Dietrich - Brian Bonds digs man smells, which is why when we started this scene, he already had his face in Dolf Dietrich’s armpit when we started filming. Soon, however, the scruffy blond bottom is on his knees sucking, choking and gagging on Dolf’s big dick. As it turns out, the two are also into spitting while having sex. Rogue Status and Dolf Dietrich - The pairing of bareback cum pigs Dolf Dietrich and Rogue Status is a lesson in complete and total pigdom. Intoxicated with their desire for balls and deep raw fucking, Dolf and Rogue get into a steamy session making out and sucking each other. But by the time Rogue bends Dolf over to rim and finger his hole, they’ve pretty much forgotten we were even there filming.



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