No Way He’s Straight (2019)


No Way He’s Straight (2019)

No Way He’s Straight (2019)

Starring: Carter Michaels, Brandon Blake, Seth Sanders, Robbie Allen, Clay Sanders, Tyler Moore, Harper White, Zeus Michaels
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2019



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Michael Stax has to give some sperm donation as part of a study with his twin brother. He asks if there are any porn magazines available and Cesar Rossi tells him he is there to help. He starts stroking Michael's cock and then sucking it. Inside the exam room, Sean Harding explains to Jacob Stax that he will be getting penis measurements for the Twins Study and for him to take his pants off. Jacob and his brother have the biggest penis of the study. Sean starts pleasuring him with his eager mouth sucking his big cock. It goes balls deep into Sean's eager ass. Jack Andy and Cesar Rossi are in bed making out with each other when Cesar pulls back the blanket and reveals Jack's huge hard cock. He goes down and sucks Jack's dick and works it over the best he can. Brendan Patrick admits he likes "Trucker" types with big dicks and Dustin Steele tells him to check it out. Dustin undresses Brendan and as he starts to get undressed, he is turned on by his boots.
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