Hell Sperm Expiation (2019)


Hell Sperm Expiation (2019)

Hell Sperm Expiation (2019)

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Tired? Stressed? Tight Muscles? What you need is a relaxing and unimaginably pleasurable sexual massage from Dad… Start with your throbbing hard dick. That’s because legendary performer, director and producer Rocco Steele’s in charge of showing you what really goes on behind the locked doors at Dad’s Bareback Massage Parlor! And that's non-stop, wall-to-wall ball draining stroking, fucking and sucking performed by the horniest jizz-pumping guys you've ever lusted over!
Mate Desires (2019)
Whether it's old fashioned male desire, or closer to home with Mate Desires, it amounts to the same thing – a heady encounter of like-minded athletic boys who have an itch that needs to be scratched and a cock that needs some male attention. With their handsome faces and boyish boners, the are hard to resist and it's not long before they are pairing up and, with a fondness for fellatio, these pretty as a picture boy-toys are devouring dick and appeasing their appetite for ass. Two hours of intimate male bonding at its dirtiest – and it's all bareback!
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Every night is a lad's night out at this exclusive Men Only club where sucking cock and licking ass is mandatory! Buff and honed to perfection, these handsome guys get together for a fourway bedroom romp that sees them not only pairing up for some specialist one-on-one action, they also band together like brothers do and share the love around, with everyone getting a different taste of cock and hot ass. With his ankles behind his ears and a hot tongue jammed up his ass, one handsome stud takes his oral skills one step further – by sucking his own dick before his foxy fuck buddy replaces his talented tongue with his love tusk and bangs it home. Two hours of Men Only bareback action at it's very best!
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