Battle Of The Bottoms 7 (2019)


Battle Of The Bottoms 7 (2019)

Battle Of The Bottoms 7 (2019)

Starring: Richard Buldger Jacob Stax Michael Stax Laith Inkley Cole Weston Leo Walker LeeRoy Jones Gunner Canon
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2019

The brothers Jacob Stax & Michael Stax waste no time in getting Richard Buldger naked and stuffing their fat thick cocks down his throat. Richard is ready for the challenge and he doesn't mind heading into friendly fire. Without many words, Cole Weston, Laith Inkley & Gunner get straight to the point and begin to take their clothes off which leads them all into one nice 69. Gunner and Cole both fuck Laith's tight tanned ass making him squirm all over. Leo Walker is a very tall hunk of a man with amazing smooth dark skin.



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