Bi-Sexualles Militar-Lazarett (2002)


Bi-Sexualles Militar-Lazarett (2002)

Bi-Sexualles Militar-Lazarett (2002)

Starring: Jason McArthur, Linda O'Connour, Paul Gun, Peter Rockett, Susan McCenzie
Categories: Bisexual
Date Added: 2002
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Bi-Tona (2002)
It's Saturday night and boy it's hot time for fucking around. The only thing these hot, young, wild and fast boys and girls have time for is... Drinking, smoking...and fucking and sucking like wild animals.
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Busted stock portfolios, incipient bald spots and cheap hair dye are generally enough to kill any marriage in today's climate. That's because women are way more demanding than their mothers. When it came to Jaelyn Fox's relationship, however, she realized she dialed the wrong number when her man began lusting for ruby-lipped golf pros named Sid. Jaelyn knew this richly endowed man of the dark-hued persuasion named Jon Jon. He had a big dick, a prodigious seminal blast and was expert in remedial role reversal. Jaelyn knew that Jon Jon tasted good and only hoped, for his sake, that her man would agree.
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My boyfriend likes the taste of cock along with the taste of pussy and I don't mind it one bit. The more the merrier is the saying and when you can have both sexes, it only makes for better fantasies being fulfilled!
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