Black Bi Cuckolding 14 (2013)


Black Bi Cuckolding 14 (2013)

Black Bi Cuckolding 14 (2013)

Starring: Riley Reid, Callie Cobra, Josi Valentine
Categories: Bisexual
Date Added: 2013
(1896.9 Mb)

That little prick of yours? Sorry, son, but it's a problem. You can take all the dick enlarging pills you want and use all the industrial strength penis pumps money can buy, but even if you find yourself married to the tiniest petite lady around, it won't mean nothing once she's got herself a hold of a big old hunk of dark meat. Once she slides that giant black cock u her tight little pussy, you've only got two choices left. You can watch, you can learn to love sucking huge ebony dick as much as her.



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Your Darling wife isn't getting what she needs from you. You buy her jewels, fancy clothes, and expensive meals, but she treats all these things like they came out of a happy meal. What's wrong? Well, it must be you. She can't wait for you to hurry up and cum, because she has better things to do. Getting you off is just obligation, her way of paying the rest, but she's getting ready to find something bigger and blacker. You better bring that dark meat to her before she goes off finding it herself. Make sure that big black cock can do the job right, and she might even let you guzzle down that big black load
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Has she told you just how pathetic you are? She doesn't need to. The disgust is written all over her face every time she looks at that sad sorry excuse for a dick. Your little wiener does nothing for her. It just makes a sad little mess when you cum. She gets so frustrated that she has to finish herself off with the shower nozzle set on full blast. You're fucking worthless, and she can't take it anymore. She has a plan. She's been eyeing the pool man and his big black bulge bursting from his shorts. She's going to take that black buck's cock and fill her aching pussy up. If you don't want his jizz spilling into her pussy, you're going to have to put that ebony dick in your mouth and suck down anything that comes up.
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