Rough Lads (2018)


Rough Lads (2018)

Rough Lads (2018)

Starring: Bruno Fox, Sergi Rodriguez, Georgi, Riley Coxx, Leo Domenico, Freddy Wolf, Michel Rudin, Taylor Scott, Uncle John
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2018

If it comes to their sexual preferences, these guys do not do tender -- they need it hard, rough and fast as you'd like! They'll push you to your knees and shake off their cocks down your neck as is possible, feeling that your muscles dangling around their rotating shaft would be your turn on they kiss. They will float {} your own forehead, biting and chewing and soon you are begging them to suck on your dick suck and -- that they perform, with a gusto which is going to have you almost creaming inside their mouths. Turning you they are going to spread your butt cheeks and tongue fuck your attractively tight hole until needing that you reciprocate and offer their man pussies the care it deserves. Once they've had their fill, then prepare yourself while they bend you over and slip their meaty weapons in your tight Tail pipe until they truly have been balls heavy after which a milling will soon start and there will be no stopping those Difficult Lads until they have been prepared to spurt along with spunk around you! You'll think it's great!


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