The Writer's Room (2018)


The Writer's Room (2018)

The Writer's Room (2018)

Starring: Brian Bonds Hans Berlin Chip Young Mason Lear Damien Kilauea Leo Forte Josh Stone
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2018

Working with another person on a project can sometimes turn you into their biggest fan. You develop a certain...closeness, you might say. An intimacy you never would have expected. But it's so much more than that. It’s a feeling that, once you feel it inside you, drives you mad with desire. Intent on writing a hot story for their studio, the sexual tension between Damien Kilauea and Josh Stone builds, with each passing scene, as they create sexy, intensely passionate scenarios between Leo Forte, Hans Berlin, Mason Lear, Chip Young, Brian Bonds and, eventually, Josh and Damien themselves. Follow them on their journey as they blossom from the seeds of creation to balls deep bareback fucking in…The Writer's Room.



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