Elder Ence 2 - Chapters 5-8 (2017)


Elder Ence 2 - Chapters 5-8 (2017)

Elder Ence 2 - Chapters 5-8 (2017)

Starring: Elder Ence, Elder Dudley, Elder Sorensen, President Nelson, President Oaks
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2017

The Brethren have seen what Elder Ence is capable of and are eager for him to continue his initiation into the Higher Priesthood. Despite his rebellious attitude and alpha male ego, the sexy Mormon is learning that obedience has its perks. Elder Ence and his missionary companion Elder Dudley have found a partner in crime with Elder Sorenson, and the three of them continue to get into light-hearted trouble while continuing their journeys into the secret Fraternal Order. The only thing left for Elder Ence to complete is to show his unquestioned submission to his priesthood leaders as he enters into the sacred covenant. Elder Ence is eager to see what more the Brethren have in store for him. Just thinking about it gets him hard.

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