But You're Older Than My Dad (2016)


But You're Older Than My Dad (2016)

But You're Older Than My Dad (2016)

Starring: Thomas Penn Alexander Labeau Tom Walsh Clay
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2016

The nice thing about young straight guys is that they respond well to authority figures - it's the wolf pack mentality. So when they need a job and some creeper tries to stick it in, they usually let him. All of these guys want to be pornstars, and most think that for their audition all they have to do is jack off. Once the camera is rolling however, they realize that their casting session includes them sucking cock and getting barebacked. Thomas is a 22 year old jock who really needs some gigs in order to pay his bills. He gets his virgin hole fucked raw and flooded with the casting director's sperm. Alexander starts out his session with what he thinks is a photoshoot - but the director ends up raw-dogging him in five different positions until his hole is swollen and gaping.

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