Ready Reserves 7 (2017)

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Ready Reserves 7 (2017)

Ready Reserves 7 (2017)

Starring: Quentin Gainz, Princeton Price, Scott Millie, Ripley Grey
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2017

On this mission, we meet with Princeton. Already used to these kind of duties (he completed another mission on First Strike 5), hes ready to get back into the field. And, if one veteran wasnt enough, we teamed him up with one of the biggest superstars, Mr. Quentin Gainz. Always somewhere on duty, Quentin has no need to prove anything to anyone any more. Private Gainz is pure natural talent. They both turn each other on with some hot cock sucking action, and without any further notice, start to ride each other huge cocks. The task is hard, but not as hard as their dicks!




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