ArmyBoy - Training Corps (2013)

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ArmyBoy - Training Corps (2013)

ArmyBoy - Training Corps (2013)

Starring: Jack Green James Lewis Lyle Boyce Logan Moore Nathan Hope Johnny Cruz Cameron Tyler Cris Anders
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2016

Sneaking away from the rest of the training camp, these horny young recruits want to find a secret place for them to release the tension built up from hours of exercising, marching and more. With so many men around, its almost impossible to achieve privacy, so the handsome young soldiers in training settle for anything, even if it means sharing their dicks with their bunk-mates as they stroke their shafts together, giving and receiving a helping hand as they let go of all their inhibitions and become true army men. Whether its waking from a cheeky nap, or teasing each other through a wire fence,




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