Hard Sex 24 (2017)


Hard Sex 24 (2017)

Hard Sex 24 (2017)

Starring: Danny Lopez Derrick Paul Luke Saviour Rod Barry Orion Cross Renny Castro Somba Pierre Gabriel D'Alessandro
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2017

Danny Lopez made an appointment with the doctor today because he wanted to get a prostate exam just to be safe. He didn't know having Doctor Derrick Paul's fingers in his ass would get him turned on so much! Luke Saviour came in expecting a regular checkup after his motorcycle accident but his new doctor, Gabriel Dalessandro, had other plans! Fraternity initiations are always a crapshoot. A bunch of horny guys gather around and figure out the new way to mess with the incoming members. Today the rush chair was feeling especially horny and really wanted his dick sucked and freshman Orion Cross was the lucky candidate for the job! See this freshman try to impress his house elder by stripping down and taking that hard cock for the team!

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