Training Hard (2017)


Training Hard (2017)

Training Hard (2017)

Starring: Bryan Cole, Dominic Pacifico, Jace Chambers, Sean Duran, Toby Springs
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2017

When personal trainer Jace Chambers sees client Bryan Cole’s dick bounce around his shorts during boxing, he’s hard pressed to suck him off, and keep that information from his boyfriend. When trainer Dominic Pacifico suspects his boyfriend Jace Chambers is cheating, his throbbing cock can’t say no to boxing client Sean Duran’s tight ass. When Jace Chambers warns fellow basketball player Toby Springs that his cock is visible under his shorts, both guys find it hard to resist a pickup game of dick sucking in the locker room. After comparing all the cocks they experienced behind each other’s backs, couple Jace Chambers and Dominic Pacifico commit to only hooking up together, then fuck each other’s asses to seal the deal.


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