Couple Crashers (2015)

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Couple Crashers (2015)

Couple Crashers (2015)

Starring: Cameron Walker, Zak Reed, Micky Mackenzie, Lucas Knight, Trent Ferris, Sam Truitt, Danny Forest, Ashton Miller, Kurtis Cawthorne, Nicholas Reed, Jake Tyler
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2015

When one hot boy just isnt enough, bring another one into the bedroom! Thats exactly what struggling young couple Micky Mackenzie and Cameron Walker decide to do when they realize that both of them being bottoms is turning into a bigger problem than they thought. In order to save the relationship and satisfy the young lovers hungry holes, theyll have to bring in an outsider, sexy blond bombshell Zak Reed. But can their love for each other withstand their insatiable love of taking it up the ass? And Zaks not the only Couple Crasher to drive a wedge between two straying sweethearts. When homeless hottie Anthony Scott is caught squatting in a couples garage, his seductive tactics quickly turn him from house pest to houseguest.




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