The Raw Outdoors (2015)

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The Raw Outdoors (2015)

The Raw Outdoors (2015)

Starring: Alessio Romero, Paul Fresh, Andy West, Dick Keissie, Jake Wolfe, Jay Conrad, Jeremy Bilding, Park Wiley, Rudy Martins, Ryan Buckley
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2015

Andy West stays warm near a campfire, waiting for his boyfriend Paul Fresh. Before long, theyre generating their own heat, as they rip each others clothes off, kissing and deep throating each others cocks, until Paul slams his raw cock into Andy. Rudy Martins and Dick Keissie take a break from work; Dick has gotten a head start, jerking his cock while sitting on a tractor wheel. Rudy likes what he sees, and soon theyre exchanging blow jobs. Alessio Romero and Jay Conrad are clearly into each other, grabbing and kissing passionately in the back patio. Two couples on a picnic soon turns into a hot bareback dual. Jeremy Bilding and Park Wiley start the action first, but Jake Wolfe and Ryan Buckley arent far behind.




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