Hairy, Raw And Meaty (2017)

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Hairy, Raw And Meaty (2017)

Hairy, Raw And Meaty (2017)

Starring: Teddy Torres Teddy Taggart Eric Schwanz Zack Acland Steve Sommers Alessio Romero Bearsilien Cooper Roads
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2017

Some might like their men smooth or completely hairless but for the rest, nothing short of Hairy, Raw & Meaty will do. Join Teddy Taggert, Teddy Torres, Bearsilien, Zack Acland, Alessio Romero, Cooper Roads, Steve Sommers and Marco Bolt, men who are hairy, men who fuck raw, men who are meaty in all the right places. Hairy, Raw & Meaty. Guaranteed to hit the spot!




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