Airport Security 11 (2014)

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Airport Security 11 (2014)

Airport Security 11 (2014)

Starring: Ivo Husak Adam Rupert Borek Sokol Shane Hirch Ondra Matej Vlado Tomek Filip Cerny
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2014

Ivo Husak has been on holiday and apprehended by the Airport Security guards. He has been placed in a cell where he stands and calls out to be released. Adam Rupert, a guard arrives to see what all the noise is about. They have a discussion about why he has been arrested and Adam decides he needs to check Ivo. He reaches through the bars to check Ivos pockets but doesnt stop there. He grabs Ivos groin and decides that they may be something that needs further investigation. So he undoes the belt on Ivos jeans and opens them. He makes Ivo push the jeans down, which exposes his cock and balls. Adam grabs hold to inspect them with his hand.




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