Airport Security 12 (2014)


Airport Security 12 (2014)

Airport Security 12 (2014)

Starring: Mate More Florian Mraz Ondra Radni Danek Gyor Jirka Mendez Elen Milek Martin Merlot Alexander Garrett Borek Sokol
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2014

In this great new Airport Security scene we have three wonderful guys, security guards Danek Gyor and Ondra Radni with their prisoner Mate More. We find Danek as he is pushing Mate into a cell and beginning an inspection of his luggage. Danek is joined by Ondra who immediately pulls Danek out of the cell and begins to pat him down. Not satisfied he pulls Mate's tee shirt off. Danek opens Mate's jeans and pushes them down. Soon his is taking Mate's shorts down too and squatting to check out his cock as Ondra restrains the prisoner. They turn Mate around and begin to check his ass too, spreading the cheeks in the process. The inspection gets interesting as Mate is turned again and Danek begins to suck on his cock.

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