Who's Bigger? (2017)


Who's Bigger? (2017)

Who's Bigger? (2017)

Starring: Bryan Cole, Eli Lewis, Lex Ryan, Corey Woods, Juan Carlos, Hans Berlin, Brett Bradley, Joey Doves
Categories: Gay
Date Added: 2017

Lovers Bryan Cole and Eli Lewis ogle Lex Ryan’s large cock in the gym showers till he invites them to come play with it. Gym goer Corey Woods strokes his cock in the locker room showers then invites fascinated onlooker Juan Carlos to sample his pre cum. Maintenance worker Brett Bradley cruises handsome resort guest Hans Berlin after watching him pull on his cock by the pool. When patient Corey Woods complains his dick is too big, Dr. Joey Doves gives him an erection for the medical exam.

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